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Server are now Updated to Pixelmon 3.0.3 Please Refer to ( for more information Relating to the mod! 
bigbuster314 How do i get it and play it
ZziploxX server is 3.0.4 now
pop0924 @ Pixelmon One
i need the light weight version
Happy Weekend GLGs!

This weekend I thought, just from the bottom of my heart and we will keep it a secret (because Ryan doesn't know!).

 I set up for you to get some extra goodies when you support the servers!

  • Get a Free Random Shiny Pokemon with on Ranks donations with a BLUE Tag!
  • Get a Free Mew with all Ranks donations on a Green Tag!
  • Get a Free Shiny Mewtwo on all Ranks donations with a Red Tag!
YesoTheHero Wait i did not get a shiny mew and i am a green tag?
Nyan_Cat16 He probably knows now!
Nyan_Cat16 Carzy, be the leader of whatever your favorite type pokemon are! Mine is Ground types and Water types, so I'm applying ...
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