We are sorry to say that the GLG pixelmon server will come to it's end. We all have noticed over time that Pixelmon does not seem to be attractive any more. Despite all of our efforts to put all of these together and coming up with new ways to keep it interesting, eveything has to come to a finish line.

Unfortunately we don't hold enough funds to keep the servers running and with the lack of interest for the mod is not worth keeping the server and wasting staff's time to keep an eye on it.

We have come to the conclusion that Pixelmon days are over and hope to open new possibilities for more to come.

We want to thank all of you both players and staff for being part of the pixlemon family while it lasted. But we can always turn to the bright side which is that we are still the GLG family!

Our team will keep striving and will never stop to bring the best for our community! So stick around until we bring something for you all to enjoy! <3

Lukeymu It was a great experience, many good memories over the years.
pro_miner2000 GLG Died over a year ago :'(.... All the memories I had here... It makes me upset.
totboy wow... only 2 comments... many a good memory and friend gone... so many people if feels like yesterday